Eye Care

Winterizing your Eyes

By PasadenaEye
December 15, 2016

Summertime is typically the season during which we think more frequently about our eye health and how to protect it for the long term. It is important to understand that changes in weather, particularly from hot to cold, can lead to unexpected and uncomfortable conditions. The sun may be less intense during the winter - ... read more

Pumpkin: Superfood with a Smile

By PasadenaEye
November 15, 2016

Pumpkin is a scrumptious treat that we love to see on our plates during Thanksgiving dinner. The widespread love of all things pumpkin continues to spread, and now our offices and homes seem permeated with the warm, inviting scent of this Fall fruit. Pumpkin isn't just yummy, it's also good for us. This means we ... read more

Say Goodbye to Under Eye Bags

By PasadenaEye
August 15, 2016

In the past decade, the world of aesthetic medicine has grown substantially. Here at Pasadena Eye Associates, patients can find solutions to some of the most concerning signs of aging that affect the face. One of those signs is under eye bags. Do my Eyes Need Liposuction? Fat is something that we tend to think ... read more

The Aging Eyes: Are your Habits a Factor?

By PasadenaEye
June 15, 2016

Eye health may not be something that we consider on a daily basis. However, research is uncovering a number of different ways that our daily habits may be causing premature aging in this very important aspect of health. Sun exposure.  Typically, we consider how exposure to UV rays may affect our skin. Most often, this ... read more

Are your Eyes Ready for Summer?

By PasadenaEye
May 15, 2016

There are numerous ways that you may prepare for summer; planning vacations or babysitters for the kids on break from school. Because your eyes may be exposed to different irritants during the summer months, a vital part of getting ready for summer is to determine how you can protect your eyes, and thus your long-term ... read more

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