Pediatric Ophthalmology

Is Your Child New to Glasses? Here’s How You Can Help Them Adjust!

By PasadenaEye
September 15, 2019

Very few people actually like change. For most of us, even children, change can be daunting. Wearing glasses is a change that, for the average child, might be downright unpleasant. If your child has been prescribed eyeglasses, you know that it is in their best interest to develop a consistent habit of wearing them. When ... read more

Eye Issues that May Affect Children

By PasadenaEye
August 15, 2019

A child’s general health and wellness are largely in the hands of their primary caregivers. While feeding and bathing and teaching young children, parents must also manage their physical needs. Eyesight is one of several aspects that need to be monitored. Because it isn’t always easy to detect when a child has an eye problem ... read more

Set Students up for Success with These Eye Care Tips

By PasadenaEye
September 15, 2018

Good vision is a vital aspect of academic success. Because children typically do not express vision difficulties the way an adult might, it is critical that care providers pay close attention to clues. For a child who cannot see the chalkboard or other teacher demonstrations due to nearsightedness, or whose farsightedness keeps them from being ... read more

Eye Care is as Important to Children as Yearly Checkups

By PasadenaEye
August 15, 2017

Pasadena Eye Associates is proud to offer friendly, professional service to children, teens, and adults of all ages. Our staff recognizes the value of personal care when it comes to managing eye health throughout life. In honor of Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month, we want to focus on the particulars of pediatric eye care, ... read more

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