What Do You Know About Laser Eye Surgery?

By PasadenaEye
January 15, 2020

Laser eye procedures like LASIK have been around for more than twenty years. However common it has become to correct vision using sophisticated laser devices, we still meet misperceptions among our patients. Here, we clear up facts that you need to know about laser eye surgery so you can make the most educated, confident decision about your vision and eye health.

  • Laser eye surgery is popular, safe, and effective. However, it may not be right for everyone. The fact that laser procedures are commonly performed has led to confusion about candidacy. Not everyone will be a good candidate for laser eye surgery. For example, health conditions such as autoimmune disorders and uncontrolled diabetes can affect the outcome of laser procedures.
  • Laser eye surgery is comfortable. This comes as a surprise to patients who perceive all eye procedures as painful. Before beginning the procedure, the eye doctor inserts eye drops that numb the corneal surface for reshaping. At most, patients may feel a gritty feeling for a few hours after their procedure.
  • There is no risk of burning the eye during laser eye surgery. This is because the devices used for ocular procedures emit cold laser energy that does not heat tissue.
  • Having laser eye surgery does not mean that you will never need eyeglasses or contact lenses. A laser procedure corrects the shape of the cornea but does not prevent age-related changes from occurring in the future. As the eye changes, vision may need to be corrected with prescription lenses.
  • Recovery from laser eye surgery is relatively short and simple. Vision typically improves within a few days and continues to do so for up to two weeks. After two weeks, the full effect of surgery becomes apparent.
  • Laser eye surgery should be conducted by a well-trained, experienced, board-certified ophthalmologist. Cheap pricing on laser surgery may indicate that corners are being cut somewhere in the process, such as the pre- or post-operative phases of care.

We pride ourselves on providing the high standard of care our patients deserve. If you would like to know more about laser eye surgery like LASIK, call Pasadena Eye Associates at (713) 473-5715.

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