Let your Light Shine

By PasadenaEye
February 15, 2017

Light. It is what we rely on to see. At the same time, the amount of light that enters the eye, and the way in which light enters the eye, could create an issue with strain. Eye strain is a common enough problem in our high-tech society. We don't need to exacerbate the problem, and there are fortunately ways that we can avoid doing so. Here, we offer a few suggestions on customizing the lighting in your home and office spaces to reduce eye strain.

Lighting at Home

At home, we tend to use dimmer light in most places. It is the dim light that creates that coziness that we crave after a long day at the office or out running errands. Be mindful, though, the lights that are around your house may be insufficient for certain tasks, such as reading or performing hobbies like crossword, knitting, or other crafts. Your parents may have warned you not to read in the dark if you want to keep your good vision. While low light won't permanently damage your eyes, it can cause temporary strain. In turn, this strain could lead to quite the headache.

If you like to read or perform other tasks that require your eyes to focus, do so with adequate lighting. It isn't necessary to brighten up the entire house, just your line of sight. Read by the light of a desk lamp or appropriate reading light next to the bed. Another tip that can significantly improve your daily life is to use a makeup mirror with lighting as well as magnification. Talk about a life hack!

Optimizing your Office Space

Most work spaces are the opposite of the home environment, lit to the brim with harsh fluorescent bulbs. This not only brings out every flaw in the skin, but it also promotes eye strain. We are already at risk for eye strain in the office simply because much of our time here may be spent looking at a computer screen. We don't need the lighting to make things worse.

If possible, lower the brightness of the bulbs over your workspace. This may be done with different bulbs or by removing a few bulbs to reduce intensity. Most computer screens will reflect light, so it is important to observe where glare may be coming from. If necessary, you may need to close the blinds of windows situated in front of or behind your desk. No blinds? Purchase an anti-glare protector to place over your computer monitor.

There are several ways to reduce eye strain and support lasting eye health. One is to schedule an eye exam at Pasadena Eye Associates. Call (713) 473-5715.



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