Got Contacts? Here’s How to Maintain Them – and Your Eyes!

By PasadenaEye
October 15, 2017

Contact Lenses Pasadena, TX Most of us realize that what goes into or near our eyes could hurt us, at least a little. For example, you wouldn’t want to touch your eyes, or face for that matter, much during cold and flu season. Touching the eyes after cooking with onions is also a no-no. And yet, sometimes we forget. This can also ring true for individuals who wear contact lenses.

If you have worn contacts for some time, there may be no time like the present for a little refresher in how to care for your lenses, because those lenses cover the lenses of your eyes. Many of the contact-lens wearers who have been polled report the occasional dip in the community pool while wearing their internal spectacles. Many say the sleep with their contacts in every now and then. Nothing bad has happened, so why worry? Because something bad could happen. Bacteria and the eyes don’t mix well. In fact, some eye infections common to contact lenses can lead to permanent corneal damage – and that can’t be fixed with a new contact lens.

To maintain contact lenses:

  • Handle lenses with freshly washed, dry hands.
  • Clean lenses as directed by your eye care specialist. This usually means covering them in cleansing fluid and letting them soak overnight.
  • Use fresh solution, not left-overs from a previous night or cleaning (or tap water).
  • Replace the storage case for lenses every few months; bacteria can accumulate here, too.
  • Don’t just refill lens prescriptions, schedule annual eye exams.

To protect contact lenses:

  • Avoid “cleaning” contact lenses by placing in your mouth. There are germs in there!
  • Do not make your own saline solution. Use one recommended by your eye doctor. Homemade solutions have been linked with a condition that could cause blindness.
  • Use only products that are approved for your contact lenses for cleaning and disinfection.
  • Use saline solution formulated specifically for contact-lens cleaning and lubrication.
  • Remove contacts before bed. Sleeping in contacts could trap bacteria between that lens and the natural lens of the eye.

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