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April 15, 2016

Dry eyes. We all experience them from time to time. Maybe we spend too many hours in front of the computer, or nose-deep in a good book. On such occasions, irritation may be remedied with rest or with a few drops of artificial tears. What we are discovering through research is that dry eye disease is a prevalent problem amongst adults in our country. There could be a number of instigating factors behind this condition, and it is important to identify them so eye health can be improved. At Pasadena Eye Associates, each patient receives one-on-one care through which solutions can be found.

In treating dry eye disease, the goal is to reduce inflammation in the eye and reduce uncomfortable symptoms like a gritty feeling or itching and watering. When the surface of the eye is properly lubricated through the appropriate treatment method, many patients also experience renewed visual clarity. During our consultation and examination, we uncover whether dry eyes are caused by the fast evaporation of tears or the inadequate production thereof. An accurate diagnosis enables us to formulate the most appropriate care plan.

Artificial Tears

Artificial tears products can be purchased at most retailers. In fact, there are so many that choosing the right one may seem overwhelming. Some artificial tears are formulated specifically to add fluid to the surface of the eye. If the consistency of the product is too light and watery, and the cause of dry eyes is quick evaporation of tears, the desired result may not be achieved. The best way to know which product is right for you is to see your eye doctor.

Medicated Eye Drops

Chronic dry eye may cause the tissues of the eye to become inflamed. To soothe irritation, medicated eye drops may be used. Prescription drops may be formulated with steroids, to reduce severe inflammation, or they may contain ingredients that have a cumulative effect on the eyes that prompts increased tear production. In order to see results from prescription eye drops, patients must commit to prescribed use. Improvement occurs over several weeks, and may be stalled by inconsistent application.

A number of factors are involved in the development and persistence of dry eyes. Your eye doctor can help you identify the factors that relate to your case, as well as methods that counteract those factors.

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