Are your Eyes Ready for Summer?

By PasadenaEye
May 15, 2016

There are numerous ways that you may prepare for summer; planning vacations or babysitters for the kids on break from school. Because your eyes may be exposed to different irritants during the summer months, a vital part of getting ready for summer is to determine how you can protect your eyes, and thus your long-term vision.

Shield your Eyes from the Summertime Sun

Actually, UV protection is necessary all throughout the year. These strong rays shine right through the clouds. However, during the summer, when you may be spending more time near water, there is the additional hazard of reflection. Just like your skin can burn, so can your eyes. If your corneas absorb too much sunlight, whether direct or reflected, you may experience significant discomfort. Additionally, you increase your risk of developing a potentially serious eye condition later in life. UV damage is linked to cataract formation as well as macular degeneration. So protect those eyes with good, UVA and UVB protective sunglasses.

Shield your Eyes from Flying Objects

Flying objects can do quite the number on your eyes. This is not only applicable to someone playing sports, but to the person who is mowing the lawn or trimming trees, or building a tree house. If you are cutting wood, sawdust may get into your eye and cause abrasions to the surface. If you are whacking weeks or cutting the grass, there is a risk that a flying rock could hurt someone. As the operator, you are likely high enough that a rock would not fly up into your eye. However, if a little one is in close proximity, he or she should wear protective goggles in order to reduce the risk of eye injury.

Shielding your Eyes from Chemicals

We use chemicals for everything from cleaning our windows to killing weeds. While it is beneficial to wear sunglasses or other protective eyewear when working in the yard, the primary risk of summertime eye irritation is the chemicals in pool water. If the chemicals used to keep pool water free of unhealthy bacteria are imbalanced, they may be too strong for sensitive ocular tissues. Children who swim often can benefit from wearing comfortable, fitted swimming goggles.

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