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Remember to Protect Your Eyes This Summer

By PasadenaEye
July 15, 2020

We're slowly getting back to a normal sense of life that allows us to get outdoors more often. As we do, precautions are being taken to maintain health and wellness. In addition to doing what we must to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it is important to remember that, as good as it feels to ... read more

Eye Health an Important Topic for Women

By PasadenaEye
November 15, 2019

Women of all ages have certain health and wellness topics that may feel important to them. At some point, it may be concerns about acne caused by adolescent hormones. At another point, it may be reproductive health. As a woman ages, she may once again find skin health and hormonal changes at the forefront of ... read more

How to Have Fun in the Sun Without Harming Your Eyes

By PasadenaEye
July 15, 2019

The eyes provide us with one of our most important senses. This is a little something we can take for granted, never really thinking that our eyesight may be affected by our daily habits. When it comes to having fun in the sun in the safest possible way, what we’ve come to know is that ... read more

Digital Eye Strain Should Be On Your Radar

By PasadenaEye
May 15, 2019

Eye health includes everything from the vision changes that occur with age to the daily stressors we may face. Stressors present a unique challenge because they are so ingrained in our day to day living that we don't easily see them for what they are. For example, most people pick up their cell phone a ... read more

One Little Thing Can Protect Your Long-Term Vision

By PasadenaEye
April 15, 2019

We’re never lacking in the sunshine category in our parts. Most people appreciate the way sunshine can warm the body on even on a cool day, and how the longer days of summer invite us to spend more time outside than inside. At the same time, we’ve been told that we need to be mindful ... read more

Habits to Make and Break in the New Year

By nathan.olson
December 15, 2018

With the New Year upon us, more people are thinking about how they can improve various aspects of their lives. As your eye health specialists, we can offer a few suggestions of habits to make, and some to break, to preserve vision and protect long-term eye health. Get some Shades In our part of the ... read more

Set Students up for Success with These Eye Care Tips

By PasadenaEye
September 15, 2018

Good vision is a vital aspect of academic success. Because children typically do not express vision difficulties the way an adult might, it is critical that care providers pay close attention to clues. For a child who cannot see the chalkboard or other teacher demonstrations due to nearsightedness, or whose farsightedness keeps them from being ... read more

May Invites us to Look at Ultraviolet Light

By PasadenaEye
May 15, 2018

May is Ultraviolet Awareness Month! The timing couldn’t be more perfect, because many people already have this on their mind – they just might not know it. When we think of UV light, we may recognize that sunlight is involved. It has also become more widely known that tanning beds use UV light. Ultraviolet rays ... read more

Why so Blue?

By PasadenaEye
July 15, 2017

Behind everything we see, there is light. Wavelengths of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet enter the eye simultaneously. They travel through the ocular structure to land on the retina. Here, these multiple hues combine to create white light. Sunlight is a prime example. We see it as white light, but it’s got ... read more

Redness and Itching? It could be Allergies . . . or maybe not!

By PasadenaEye
April 15, 2017

As we head straight into a beautiful Springtime, that has many people heading straight to their pharmacy for allergy medicine. There is no doubt that the itchy, watery, red eyes that occur when you come into contact with an allergen can be frustrating. What would be worse, though, is treating what you think is an ... read more

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