Digital Eye Strain Should Be On Your Radar

By PasadenaEye
May 15, 2019

Comprehensive Eye ExaminationEye health includes everything from the vision changes that occur with age to the daily stressors we may face. Stressors present a unique challenge because they are so ingrained in our day to day living that we don't easily see them for what they are. For example, most people pick up their cell phone a dozen or more times throughout the day. When not looking at a cell phone screen, many of us are reading or working on a computer screen. Our use of digital devices has made life easier in some ways but we can't forget that this use comes with hazards.

What's So Bad About the Digital Age

The digital age is advantageous in many ways, most people would agree. Our eyes, on the other hand, probably would not. The eyes work in unison to create a clear visual field. Their function is best at a range of about 20 feet. Digital devices clearly aren't held that far away. We typically don't even hold our cell phones at arms-length. We can't because this just isn't practical. However, the distance at which we tend to view digital screens does force the eyes inward, which puts a strain on the muscles around them.

Reducing digital eye strain is a must for vision and for immediate comfort. When we aren't mindful about our use of cell phones and other devices, we are likely to experience blurry vision, headaches, and pain around the eyes and forehead, burning, and symptoms of dry eye. Fortunately, it isn't difficult to prevent any of these with a few simple steps:

  • Look away often. Just as we need to remember to blink frequently and rest our eyes when using a computer or other device, we can also benefit from looking away to that prime distance of 20 feet. Doing this every half-hour relieves tension in the muscles around the eyes.
  • Strategically position screens. Looking up at a screen puts more strain on the eyes. Screens should be positioned about 4 inches below eye level and about 2 feet away.
  • Manage glare. Newer computers and devices may have adjustable settings but there is often still a need to reduce the glare of light off of a screen. This can be done by placing screens away from windows and also by applying a glare-reducing film.

Eye health is important to us and we know it's important to you, too. Schedule an eye exam in our Pasadena, TX office to ensure untreated vision problems are not exacerbating the effects of digital device use.

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