Eye Health an Important Topic for Women

By PasadenaEye
November 15, 2019

Women of all ages have certain health and wellness topics that may feel important to them. At some point, it may be concerns about acne caused by adolescent hormones. At another point, it may be reproductive health. As a woman ages, she may once again find skin health and hormonal changes at the forefront of her mind. These are absolutely relevant. At the same time, so is eye health.

According to research, women have a relatively high risk of developing some type of eye condition during their lifetime. Studies also reveal that most women are unaware of this:

  • Only about 10% of women in our country realize they could develop a potentially serious eye disease.
  • Approximately 85% of women believe the risk for eye disease is equal among both sexes.
  • About 5% of women think their risk for eye disease is lower than the average male.

Studies suggest these are inaccurate beliefs about eye disease. In fact, more women in the 40-and-older age category develop one or more eye conditions than men of the same age.

Why is This?

It isn't enough for scientists to recognize risks. We also want to know why they exist. At this time, it is believed that a few prominent factors are involved. These include:

  • Lifespan. On average, women live at least a few years longer than men. The added years give them more time to encounter various conditions and diseases, including cataracts, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration.
  • Medications. All medications have certain side effects. Scientists believe that, because women are more likely to take medication than men, they are more vulnerable to side effects, some of which may affect the eyes.
  • Hormones. A woman's hormones seem to be ever-shifting from adolescence to menopause. These shifts can affect everything from tear quality to the flexibility of the eyes' lenses.
  • Lifestyle. The choices we make daily are choices that will affect our health and well-being. When it comes to eye health, a woman's risk lies in the extra pounds that may accumulate as she ages. Obesity is a significant factor in the risk of several diseases, including diabetic retinopathy.

Keeping Eye Health in the Clear

There are factors that we cannot control, such as our genetic makeup, that may create a risk for eye disease. However, data is mounting to suggest that habits may offset these risks. To maintain eye health at every age, a woman can:

  • Avoid smoking and the use of tobacco products
  • Eat a well-balanced diet that includes leafy greens and fresh fruits and vegetables. These contain antioxidants and minerals that support healthy eyes.
  • Using makeup brushes and cosmetics wisely, making sure to clean brushes periodically and throw out old makeup that could be a breeding ground for bacteria.
  • See the eye doctor. Vision exams are basic. What every person needs at some point is a thorough, dilated eye exam that observes all parts of the eye that are vulnerable to disease.

Call (713) 473-5715 to schedule a comprehensive eye exam in our Pasadena, TX office. Here, we can help you understand your risks for eye disease and how to manage them.

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