Are You Seeing Laser Eye Surgery All Wrong?

By PasadenaEye
January 15, 2018

LASIK Laser Eye Surgery Pasadena, TXLaser eye surgeries have been the norm for several years. Specific laser technologies have been refined with the specific intent of improving patient outcomes in the treatment of everything from nearsightedness to cataracts. Still, the prevalence of laser eye surgery procedures doesn’t mean you’re going to avoid some misinformation. Here, we want to clarify what laser eye surgery is – and isn’t – about. Having straight facts about this technology can help you make decisions from the right perspective.

Laser devices emit heat, which means tissue will be burned.

Thanks to science fiction movies, we have come to perceive all lasers as hot. This isn’t true. Some lasers are hot, which is exactly what makes them valuable. However, there are also cold laser beams that are also important to medical therapy. Eye surgeries make use of cold laser technology to precisely cut tissue with a high degree of accuracy.

So what’s that smell? People who have had laser eye surgery sometimes describe a certain odor in the air that resembles something burning. It isn’t tissue that is burning; it’s particles of carbon atoms coming from the laser. With all the advances that are taking place in medicine these days, it wouldn’t be surprising if this “side effect” of laser eye surgery were a thing of the past already.

Surgery on the eyes: sounds painful!

Most humans have a natural aversion to pain. We want to avoid it anytime we possibly can. Why would we choose to have laser eye surgery even if it did carry the promise of better vision? Some folks just think about it and say No, thanks! Don’t rule out laser eye surgery because of this perception of discomfort. Surgery is performed after the eyes have been numbed with medicated eye drops. No injections, no sedation. Nothing more than these powerful little drops is needed to make surgery easy peasy.

The Safety and Efficacy of Laser Eye Surgery

If you’re considering laser eye surgery, it is because you have a goal in mind. You want to see better and not need your eyeglasses or contacts as much as you do now. Not having to rely on corrective lenses can mean you get to do more of the things you love without any inconvenience. If you’re considering eye surgery, you want to know it will work. It will. Not only do procedures like LASIK get excellent results, they get results that last. Once the eye is corrected, the only changes that will occur are those that happen along with aging. Furthermore, no serious complications have occurred during laser eye surgeries, and millions of procedures have been performed over the last few decades.

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