Is Your Child New to Glasses? Here’s How You Can Help Them Adjust!

By PasadenaEye
September 15, 2019

Very few people actually like change. For most of us, even children, change can be daunting. Wearing glasses is a change that, for the average child, might be downright unpleasant. If your child has been prescribed eyeglasses, you know that it is in their best interest to develop a consistent habit of wearing them. When a child isn’t thrilled about their new accessory, this might be a challenge. Here, we offer a few ways in which you can help your child adjust to wearing eyeglasses for the first time.

1. Make sure to choose well-fitting frames. Regardless of how perfect your child’s prescription may be, if their eyeglass frames don’t fit well, they may not be worn as they should be. Frames that constantly need to be pushed up or that fit too tightly are a problem. Fortunately, this is a fixable problem that we can handle with a quick adjustment to your child’s eyeglasses.

2. Let your child choose. Within the realm of eyeglass frames that fit well, choice is a grand experience. Children who get to choose their eyeglasses may be more invested in their wear. Some glasses might be customized with colors or other characteristics, all that can play to a child’s unique personality.

3. Provide motivation. One of the ways that children can be helped as they adjust to life wearing eyeglasses is to point out others who are bespectacled, as well. Harry Potter, for instance, or another favorite character or celebrity. Even pointing out other children who are wearing glasses can show your child that they are not the only one and that they do not stand out as “different.”

4. Set goals, if necessary. Ideally, children will jump into wearing their new glasses nearly all the time. At first, though, this might be hard. When the eyes have become accustomed to seeing a certain way, correcting vision can cause mild frustration. A child may experience discomforts such as eye fatigue or a headache. If this occurs, start in smaller increments, such as a half-hour at a time, increasing as quickly as possible to prescribed wear.

We Can Help, Too!

Our friendly team can set the tone for children who are new to wearing eyeglasses in a warm, encouraging environment. Call (713) 473-5715 to schedule your child’s eye exam or a visit to our optical center, where skilled staff can help pick out the most appealing eyewear.

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