Say Goodbye to Under Eye Bags

By PasadenaEye
August 15, 2016

In the past decade, the world of aesthetic medicine has grown substantially. Here at Pasadena Eye Associates, patients can find solutions to some of the most concerning signs of aging that affect the face. One of those signs is under eye bags.

Do my Eyes Need Liposuction?
Fat is something that we tend to think will form around our midsection, or maybe the thighs. But the eyes? Why would bags of fat settle in such as small, localized area? It's not that fat cells go rogue and migrate to the area beneath the eyes. The truth is, there is a certain amount of fat that is natural present on this part of the face.

The development of under eye bags has very little to do with weight; it has much more to do with the skin itself. So while liposuction for under eye bags is actually not a far-fetched idea, there may be another way to revive the eyes.
The reason why fat pads under the eyes become more visible with age is because the connective tissue that lies over these cells frays and loosens. On top of that, the top layer of skin, depleted of collagen, becomes thinner and even more delicate than it always has been. In combination, these two key changes in the skin significantly decrease the support that holds fat cells in place.

Now that you Know
Once you understand what could be causing puffing and bagging beneath your eyes, you can move toward the solution that will best suit your needs. Due to the widespread use of injectables like Juvederm, hundreds of thousands of patients around the world have already unpacked their under eye bags. Technically, they have disguised them, but the bottom line is they are gone.

Dermal filler treatment can diminish the appearance of under eye bags with immediate results that last a year or more. Treatment is conducted with precision technique. Because we can see the change as it happens, we know just how much filler to insert into the area just beneath the eye bags in order to rejuvenate the entire face.

Eye bags can be a thing of the past. Call Pasadena Eye Associates to learn how.

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