Winterizing your Eyes

By PasadenaEye
December 15, 2016

Summertime is typically the season during which we think more frequently about our eye health and how to protect it for the long term. It is important to understand that changes in weather, particularly from hot to cold, can lead to unexpected and uncomfortable conditions. The sun may be less intense during the winter - unless you're on the water, on some snowy slopes, or at high altitude - but its rays can still be damaging. Here, we will look at a few key ways to make sure your eyes are getting what they need this holiday season.

  • Take out your contact lenses. Contacts, on their own, can drain moisture from the eyes' surface. If these artificial lenses dry out, they can adhere to the natural lens. Ouch! Of course, you could put eye drops in your eyes every few hours to mitigate the effects of cold, dry air on your contact lenses. Another option, though, is to make a switch up. Maybe wear your contact lenses only when absolutely necessary (holiday selfies!), and then give your eyes a rest by switching to eyeglasses for several hours a day.
  • Add more moisture to your environment. The dry winter air can be harsh on the eyes, even if you don't wear contacts. This is only made worse by the dryness of indoor air that is heated. There seems to be no reprieve from all this dryness in the environment! That means you need to create it where you can. A great way to do this is with a humidifier or two. It can be a chore to move a humidifier from room to room, or home to office, so one for each area in which you spend a lot of time is ideal. And, when all else fails, reach for eye drops!
  • Maintain UV protection. Especially if you are heading to the snow or will be on the ice or water, UV protection is a must. Wherever there may be a glare, there is a chance for corneal irritation or burns.

It is important that we learn what our eyes need during every season of the year. That way, we are better set up to sustain a bright future!
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